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Red, White and Pie

I have slowly but surely become a pie baker! After the first pie adventure that I shared with ya’ll I then went on to try my hand at a summer pie, peach and raspberry, and it was delicious! I traditionally always bake goodies both for my family and my boyfriend’s on 4th of July, so this year I decided to give a go at a 4th of July inspired pie.

As with any avid pinterester and new baker, I had some hits and misses. I went on three different pie adventures, the first two I am quite proud of and the third, well…you’ll see.

Here is the inspiration behind pie number one:


and here is my pie:


I’d say that is actually quite good for only baking 2 pies before this one in my whole life! I used this recipe. By the way, I did not have a star cookie cutter so that made things much more difficult ha.

For pie number two I tried to just have some fun with it, so here ya go:


Now, for baking expedition number three, here is the inspiration:


And here is how mine turned out…


Nailed it, right? These three weren’t actually that bad though:


I had a blast making all of these! Making pie for the 4th of July will definitely be a new tradition!


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