Noteworthy Events of Summer 2014: Turning 20

It is official, I am no longer a teenager. You know how every year you wake up on your birthday and someone immediately asks you if you feel older? Well, I kinda, sorta did. Weird. Technically you’re an adult at 18, but I don’t know, 20 just has a much more sophisticated ring to it, don’t ya think? Anyways, I had a wonderful birthday and I thought I’d share it with y’all.

I woke up as usual and when I went to get some coffee I found this:20140711-151949.jpg

My dad said he put my card next to the Keurig because that was the only place he was sure I’d find it at. I guess that says something about my coffee addiction. Oops.

When I was finally dressed and ready, I was greeted at the door by my wonderful boyfriend, who was bearing some beautiful flowers might I add. See proof below.20140711-152324.jpg

Then he gave me my first present, which I opened to find a Barnes & Noble gift card. He explained that he was taking me there to get me the new book I wanted (FOUR by Veronica Roth) that just so coincidentally came out on my birthday! The gift card message was also super duper cute, take a look:20140711-152455.jpg

 After leaving B&N, book now in hand, we drove up to Colonial Williamsburg and spent a few hours walking around the old historic streets and day-dreaming of a simpler life. Timmy treated me to lunch at the Blue Talon Bistro, where I had this amazing Mac & Cheese (Ps. If you know me, you know I do not say that lightly, I take my Mac & Cheese VERY seriously).20140711-152547.jpg

We returned home in the evening, where my parents secretly (via text) instructed Timmy to keep me out of the kitchen. We decided to go on a walk down to the docks in my neighborhood, which was perfect because my best friend Isabelle was coming to spend my birthday with us as well, and she oh so kindly offered to take some pictures of Timmy and I for us. I have always loved living in Hampton Roads and the main reason is that you go 20 minutes in any direction and you hit water, and I have been fortunate enough to often live on the water. So please enjoy the beautiful view of the bay. Here are my favorite pictures of Timmy and I that Isabelle took and my favorite pictures of Isabelle and I that Timmy took:20140711-152722.jpg













After our “photo shoot” we headed back to my house, where my cousin (and practically twin, since we’re only 3 months apart and have grown up together our entire lives) also joined the party. I was finally un-barred from the kitchen/patio area, at which time I walked into a very elaborately decorated party scene. My Mom (who keep in mind is an Event Planner) decorated my birthday party in a “Lilly Pulitzer Birthday” theme (and I mean like she actually pinterested “Lilly Pulitzer Birthday”). It was amazing, she did a fantastic job. Pink, Green, Polka Dots, & Lace. Take it all in:20140711-153206.jpg




So we ate, and laughed, and eventually ate cake (ignore the melting).

Now I’m not going to share all of my wonderful gifts with yall, but there are three I would like to mention.

Gift #1: For those of you who don’t know, the mermaid is a huge symbol in the Hampton roads area (it is traditionally the symbol of Norfolk, VA). My mom had this beautiful mermaid hand-made for me, and she even was made with my characteristics (note the pearls).20140711-154316.jpg

Isn’t she beautiful?

Gift #2: My oh so so wonderful (and talented) best friend Isabelle made me these book ends! 20140711-153422.jpg

And when I say made, I mean like she sawed the wood, sanded them, screwed them together, and then painted them. She’s incredible and I am so blessed that she got to spend my birthday with me.

Gift #3: Timothy got me this:


20140711-153437.jpgIt is called the Theology of the Body Cross. I am going to do an entire other blog post about what this cross means to us and why it is so very beautiful.

As you can see I truly do have a very “Blessed Life” (hence the name of my blog). I am so thankful to all of the wonderful people that made my birthday special, and more importantly, to God for giving me His endless Love.





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