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Theology of the Body Cross




As I mentioned in my last post, for my birthday my boyfriend Timmy got me this BEAUTIFUL cross. It is called the “Theology of the Body Cross”. I am absolutely blown away by the beauty and significance this cross holds. It echoes the teachings of John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, reflecting on how Marriage is designed to reflect the love of the Trinity. Husbands and wives are called to give of themselves in total, free, self-giving love, mirroring themselves on the love exchange of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Saint John Paul II once said, “Marriage is a permanent reminder of what happened on the Cross.” That is what this cross represents: the total gift of self that motivated Christ to give His life for His Bride, the Church, on the cross. As Timothy and I continue to discern the vocation of Marriage, this cross will be a reminder to us that we are called to die to ourselves and live for the good of the other; a reminder that we are called to live and to love selflessly, as Christ loved the Church. I am quite fond of saying that “Our entire relationship should be Good Friday”.

Jason Evert once wrote,

When you feel the temptations of this world calling you, gaze upon Christ on the Cross and hear Him say to you “This is how I got my Bride to Heaven, how else do you think you will get yours there?”

Please continue to pray for Timmy and I on this journey, we truly appreciate it. And Timothy, thank you for the amazing gift, but more importantly, thank you for giving me a love and relationship that reflects it.


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