You’ve been baptized, Miss Abigail Marie!

Today was a very special day! My Niece and God-Daughter Abigail Marie was baptized! This is going to be a very picture oriented post, so enjoy! But I will say that I am so incredibly honored that my brother & sister-in-law chose me to be my niece’s God-Mother, and I would appreciate any prayers you want to throw my way as I serve my niece and try to lead her to Christ!

Here is Abigail getting baptized and me holding her afterwards!

DSC_0022 (2)DSC_0096

This is me with my lovely brother, sister-in-law and God-Daughter!


For her baptismal gift, I got Abigail her first Crucifix!


And here she is opening my card, how cute is she?


Take a look at Miss Abbie being the lovely lady she is and going right for the Jewelry!


Overall, she was a very happy girl today!

DSC_0061 (2)

Praise God for your baptism my sweet Abigail Marie!


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