Junior Year: Dorm Room Decor

Junior Year, here we go! I moved in on the 9th and finally 2 days later my room is ready for display! I put a lot of work into the decor for this room this year and I wanted to share with y’all the finished result! Enjoy! And I hope you like it!

Here is an overview of the whole room!
This is my Tv stand/ Jewelry station! There is my gold and white polka dot jewelry box, a key ring holder, and a crown shaped holder as well. You can also see my favorite wooden box sign that says “You have my whole heart for my whole life”, with picture of Timothy and I. The other wooden box sign i fell in love with because it reminds me of when God said “Behold, It is very good” when he gazed upon man and woman for the first time. Indeed, we are all very good.
Papal flag hanging in the window!
Have to have my CUA flag too of course!
I love my pom poms and scripture verse!
“My Sister, My Bride” comes from the Song of Songs and is very important to my faith life!
I made this sign that says “Sleep with the Angels and Rise with Saints” as a reflection of the fact that we are never without God’s spiritual aids and protection. We are also never outside of the realm of His praise in our lives. Shout out to Greta Haussmann for being an incredible friend who knows my spiritual life so well and made me this sign that says “Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders” from the song Oceans by Hillsong (and the letters are done specifically to match my room).
Another shout out, this time to Miss Isabelle Keegan who helped me make these beautiful cork boards for my room! The top is a string of pearls with my monogram and the bottom is polka dots! You can also see the calendar I made from my old Lilly Pulitzer agenda! The “Be Interested, Not Interesting” I heard in a homily and it really hit home for me about what it means to be self-less.
Here’s a big shot of my desk!
Close up of my picture display! Top left is a picture of Saint John Paul the Great with his hands in the air out of sheer joy! In the middle is a scripture verse from the Psalms that says “You, oh Lord, have made me happy!” Next to that is a picture of our beautiful Blessed Mother. Also on the top shelf is a sign saying “Life is fragile, handle with prayer”, a polka dot flower pot, and a nice reminder to “Be Kind”. Second Row has two pictures featuring Mr. Timothy Foley, one from our trip to Charlestown and another on my birthday. Next to those is a my favorite depiction of Saint Catherine of Siena (my girl). On the Bottom row is a picture frame featuring some of my lovely girl friends: Greta, Kelly, and Sophie. Another lovely reminder telling me to “Be filled with Joy” is next to that and then a candid of Timothy and I reenacting the classic titanic pose. You can also see my wooden box sign that Timmy gave me as a gift!
Here is another view of my desk where you can see the calendar a bit better! You can also see the Monday-Saturday dry erase boards I made also out of my old Lilly Agenda. Up top is Timmy and I on the Fourth of July!
This is my “prayer station”. Featured here is my incredible Theology of the Body Cross that Timothy got me for my birthday. To the left of that is an icon of the Holy Family that reminds me every day of the vocation I am striving towards. And on the far left is the “promise” Willow Tree (Also a gift from Timmy). Beneath those are the rosary’s I hold so dear and my Bible.
This is my bookcase, and you can see the amazing bookends that Isabelle Keegan made me! She’s so talented!
“It is well with my soul” is a humble reminder to myself that all is well and all is under God’s providence, I simply have to surrender. The picture on the bottom left is the state outline of Virginia backed with the Lilly Pulitzer “First Impression” pattern. The Pink frame features Miss Isabelle, and the blue frame Miss Greta. The top right picture is a marian symbol, with the “M” spelling “Maria” (filled with the Lilly pattern) and  topped with a crown.
And would I be from the South if I didn’t have an American Flag in my room? But seriously, my love for and dedication to this country has been something that has grown a lot in the last few years of my life and I am proud to hang this flag in my room as a reminder of the great and wonderful freedom we have here in the U.S. of A.
Here is my lovely sink area!



This is my bed (and probably my favorite part of the room)! On the wall is a wooden monogram, which I got off of Etsy. I painted it pink with blue trim! I made the headboard out of plywood and fabric. I love pillows, love love love pillows. But I hate how expensive pillows are. I found these decorative pillows at tjmaxx and kirklands for really cheap! You’ll see my bear on the bed as well, which was a birthday present on my 14th birthday from Mr. Timothy Foley. The bedspread is Lilly Pulitzer First Impressions from garnet hill and I absolutely adore it!


Over my bed on the other side you can see the photo of Timmy and I that I got blown up from my birthday! Under that is a string of ribbon with clothes pins on it, which I covered in matching Lilly Pulitzer patterned paper, holding pictures of my friends! On the left is a craft I made…which you can see in the next photo.
Here is a craft I did where I took a foam poster board and put $1 target wrapping paper on it and then used a paint pen to write this wonderful quote from Audrey Hepburn (also my girl): “I was born with an enormous need for affection, and a terrible need to give it.” I then cut flowers from pink paper and matching Lilly Pulitzer patterned paper and tacked them into the board!

Inevitably for me I will rearrange, change, add, and subtract things as the year moves on. But for now, this is my humble abode and I am quite fond of it! Big thanks to my parents for helping me move in! 


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