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“Brooke, your life is so blessed.”

These are the words an old friend said to me two nights ago as he was visiting Catholic University. and he couldn’t have spoken more truly.

So here is what happened: a friend that I had made my freshmen year at Mount Saint Mary’s, Mike,  texted me on Wednesday and told me he was visiting the Capuchin College up the street and that he would love to catch up if I was free. Wednesday is my supremely busy day however, and so I really wasn’t too free during the day but I asked if he would want to come to Adoration with me that night, and he said yes.

I met him outside the chapel a few minutes beforehand and was immediately overwhelmed with Joy at the fact that he was going to be able to experience one of my favorite things in the whole world: Wednesday night Adoration at CUA. I even had strategically reserved seats for us: 3/4 of the way in the back of the chapel but on the inside aisle, that way Mike would be able to see both the altar but also how the CUA community worships. As we walked up to the chapel we ran into quite a few of my very close friends and my smile grew wider as I was able to introduce Mike to them. Then as we walked into the PACKED chapel I beamed with pride as I said “This is how it is EVERY week”.

We took our seats, and as we only had a few minutes before Adoration would start I quickly told him a few things about the truly amazing Catholic Identity of CUA. Then Adoration started and I settled into prayer.

Now here is the thing: I love Catholic University all day every day. Literally. There has not been a single day on this campus that I have ever even remotely disliked it. But sometimes I get so caught up in my daily life and the grind of school work that I forget just how much happiness I experience here. Wednesday night was different though. See, having an outside friend come into the situation gave me the opportunity to “show off” how amazing CUA really is. As I knelt in Adoration before my Lord I began to cry: tears of PURE JOY. I was so overwhelmed by how much joy God has given me in my life here at Catholic.

Joy in the worship of Christ. Joy in my school work. Joy in my Student Minister community. Joy in my best friends. Joy in all of the CUA students around me who were pouring their hearts out in praise. SO MUCH JOY. 

Sitting on the other side of Mike and I was my best friend Greta, and as I was tearing up I turned to her and simply said “I’m really glad you’re my best friend“. She laughed at me and then said “back atcha” but she totally got the overwhelming happiness I was experiencing. I then said “Do you ever just have those moments where you are overwhelmed by how much you just LOVE CUA?” and she simply smiled and said “yes, yes I do.”

When Adoration was over, Mike turned to me and said “Brooke, your life is so blessed.” Yes, yes it is. God is so remarkably GOOD and I am so thankfully that he has given me a life of such Joy.



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