Love & Fidelity Network Annual Conference 2014

Hello all! (And by all, I mean probably maybe the wonderful 2 people who read my blog!)

This weekend I attended the Love & Fidelity Network’s Annual Conference titled Sexuality, Integrity and the University. I went to this conference last year and loved it, so I decided to come again this year. I am also a Student Fellow for the Network and am so thankful for the help and support they provide us! The conference brings together renown experts from various fields to speak on sexuality and the role it plays in our relationships, our society, and especially our universities. Students from universities across the country come together to further our education, share ideas and learn how to better reach out to our campuses back home.

The conference looked at sexuality and its role through  the disciplines of philosophy, the social sciences, biology and faith. This is one of the things I most appreciate about this organization. They truly provide us with a well rounded look at the subject matter at hand. My favorite talk this year was called “Sliding vs. Deciding” and covered the topic of Cohabitation. This talk covered the problems that cohabitation is causing in our world today and how relationships are horrifically mired by ambiguity. The question for couples today is “Are you sliding or deciding to enter marriage?” To learn more about this check out Dr. Scott Stanley’s Sliding vs. Deciding blog!

My weekend spent at Princeton University was spectacular and here are some photos to document it:


I was so thankful to have my best friend come with me to the conference again this year! Don’t know how I would engage in these intellectual conversions and learn how to be a true academic without her!


We unintentionally matched our outfits, but then did intentionally buy new matching Alex and Ani bracelets while here. See, we bought our first ones together here last year and so found it fitting to buy a new one together.



Thanks the Love & Fidelity Network and Princeton University for hosting us! I had a wonderful time and am so grateful for the insights and help you provide me!


Here is all of the Student Fellows!

To find out more about the Love and Fidelity Network see their website here.


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