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10 Finals Week Hilarities

Now that I am home and have time on my hands, I thought I’d catch up on some end of the semester things. First up, finals week. This semester’s finals were my toughest yet, so naturally this semester’s finals week was filled with more late nights, more questioning my entire life and way more caffeine intake than ever before. But with that being said, this semester I am way more thankful for the wonderful support system I have. Special mentions have to go to my best friend, Greta, and my boyfriend, who both kept me sane.

So let me sum up for you how this week went for me and all the things that kept me going:

1. First up, Greta’s dream light. I had a paper due Monday at midnight. I finished it at about 11:50 (while in Greta’s room). It was a 10 page research paper… for an elective class… and it took me about 5 days to write because I had never done research in this field before. After I finished I asked Greta to read it for me. When she finished, she said to me “I mean it made sense…I learned things…” That was a good sign right? After that I then crawled into her bed and we snuggled for about 45 minutes and stared at her dream light. This was essentially us:


2. Shout out to Timothy for knowing how to cheer a girl up. After I left a class frustrated with an assignment and my teacher, he sent me this:



3.So this is how Timmy and I usually great each other in the morning:


And this is how we greeted each other during finals week…


4. During one of Greta and It’s final nights studying the hysteria was at an all time high and a number of hilarious things happened.

We set up camp in a lounge and quickly our table turned into this:(featuring Ajani in the background)


Man we’re we praying for Mama Mary’s inspiration.

5. About two hours later when our brains were about to explode Greta did this:

6. She decided to put a Rosary on her head in hopes that some divine inspiration might simply seep into her brain…


7. Next she attempted studying while holding a stuffed animal, hoping for some emotional support maybe?


8. Late one night we went to Starbucks to consume yet more caffeine. But I had a problem, I didn’t want more coffee. I had had so much coffee. So I’m standing at the register and I have no idea what I want. The lady working was trying to help me figure it out and Greta is trying to help me figure it out. And I just can’t. On the verge of a breakdown, I’m talked into getting a green tea with peach syrup. So I get it, but it just wasn’t sweet enough. Then I took it back to the register and ask for more syrup and the worker hands me the entire bottle of syrup…here’s the proof.

9. My resident minister community was an incredible and supportive family during finals week. Before we all left to go home, we made sure to get together for an awkward family Christmas photo:

christmas photo

10. Finally, right as I walked out of my last final, God reminded me of how good He really is:


And 1 bonus hilarity: I wrote my art history exam in pink pen… pink pen… and the worst part is that I deliberately decided to use pink pen. I am really surprised my professor didn’t fail me.

Let’s all hope and pray that next semester is a little less stressful, but not less hysterical?

All I have to say after that week is Thanks be to God for getting me through it alive.


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