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Catching Up on Student Ministry

The last time I wrote about Student Ministry I’m pretty sure I left us here:


Let me catch you up! I want to share with you all some of my favorite things about my Resident Minister Community:

Once a week the Resident Ministers have community dinner together so we can hang out, share our lives and laugh it up. Every week two of us cook dinner for the group and here are some pictures from one of the dinners I cooked with Monica!
20141222-153127-55887685.jpg20141222-153127-55887841.jpgOnce a month the Resident Ministers and House Ministers have a big meal together! 20141222-153131-55891561.jpg

I also like to just document other random meals we eat together…


Three times a semester we have CUA on TAP which is based off of Theology on Tap. It is an alcohol friendly event (for those over 21, of course) where we bring some pretty awesome speakers to the CUA community.

The first one was “Faith & Fame” where we brought in famous baseball player Jamie Moyer. 20141222-153128-55888007.jpg


The second one was “All of Me: God, Sex and Media” where we brought Theology of the Body scholar Bill Donaghy. Bill also stayed for the weekend to do a retreat on Theology of the Body! I know Bill from previously being his student at the TOB Institute this past summer and was blessed enough to be the Speaker Coordinator for this TAP, so I got to work with him closely in preparation for the event!



The third TAP, which I unfortunately don’t have pictures of, was on Homelessness and Hunger Awareness where we brought in a former vet who was once homeless to speak about her experiences!

Every week after Wednesday night Adoration the Resident Ministers host Cellar Night! We invite everyone down to the cellar and have appetizers, drinks, fellowship and fun. Each week has a different theme that one of the Resident Ministers is in charge of putting together!

My cellar night was Disney Princess themed! Check it out:


20141222-153128-55888491.jpgEach minister is given a different character and Peter, who was Prince Charming, went around to every girl in the cellar to see if the slipper fit! 20141222-153129-55889152.jpg


(Sorry for the red eyes)

Speaking of us getting assigned characters, I was overjoyed the times I was assigned Breakfast at Tiffany’s for Movie Night, Lizzie McGuire for 90s Throwback Night, and Jackie O for 1960s Night (no picture). 20141222-153131-55891799.jpg20141222-160103-57663060.jpg

We put on the Homecoming Dance (Check out the separate post on that).

Other gems that make my heart smile:

This is from Ajani’s birthday and I love this picture because only at CUA would we use altar candles to sing happy birthday (apparently its okay to do that..). 20141222-153131-55891440.jpg

Peter and I are the community shoppers for the Resident Ministers and so once a week we go to Costco to get whatever everyone needs. One time we walked in and found this…and then tried to buy it later but it was gone ):20141222-153131-55891611.jpg

In the beginning of the semester Campus Ministry set up a ball pit (inspired by the Youtube video Take a Seat & Make a friend):


Late night struggles in the Campus Ministry Office. In this picture Bridget is trying to get into a locked room because someone’s stuff was locked inside it and I was elbow deep inside of a printer trying to clear a jam:


Before we all went home for Christmas Break we got together for one last community dinner and to take an awkward family photo:

20141222-153134-55894788.jpgThis community has been one of the biggest blessings of my entire life. I cannot thank each and every single one of you enough. I am so so so very blessed to be apart of such a supportive, loving and Christ-centered group of people. You are all in my heart and prayers, always.


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