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Homecoming Dance 2014: No Place I’d Rather Be

The Homecoming Dance took place in October this year (October? November? I think October). Each year the dance is put on by the Resident Minister community at CUA (which I’m apart of!). So we were excited to host the dance and our theme was based off of the song “Rather Be”. I don’t have much to say except that I had a blast dancing the night away with some truly amazing people. Take a look at these gems and meet some of my very best friends:

(some pictures are better quality than others, sorry)

All of the Student Ministers!
All of the Junior Student Ministers.
resident ministers
All of the Resident Ministers!


My truly wonderful Renew Co-Leaders!


colleenval&kelly2greta420141222-100254-36174188.jpg20141222-100254-36174371.jpg20141222-100254-36174579.jpgI seriously love each and every single one of these people. To all of my dear friends whom I did not get a picture with, I love you too. There truly is no place I’d rather be than CUA.


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