Spring Break 2015

A week late but better late than never right? I hope so!

Spring break was exciting and blissfully dull at the same time. Here are the highlights:

  • Greta came home with me for the week
  • Timothy was home for the week, which meant that I not only got to spend time with him but he and Greta got to know each other as well
  • Teresa came to visit for 2 days and she, Greta and I had the ultimate girls night
  • Chris, Erica and Abbie visited for the weekend
  • Bella woke me up most mornings
  • Visiting my Nana and her asking Greta “So what are your thoughts on Theology?” And Greta’s like “uhhhh, what um part? Its nice…”
  • Watching 100 episodes of HGTV
  • Greta and I getting free manicures and Starbucks while my car was being worked on
  • Greta live tweeting the week at #BrookeandGretaSpringBreak2015

Let’s look at some photos…

Greta’s first time in Virginia Beach!

How I missed my own lovable and slobber-covering alarm clock (Bella, not Greta…). But waking up to Greta wasn’t half bad either. 

Trip to Colonial Williamsburg, where the lovely Teresa joined us! Also we saw a college student randomly carrying a fishbowl around town…with a fish in it.

We met my mom for lunch, and this is what happens when my mother asks to take a picture with me and then decides texting is more interesting…Jk, I think it was her Boss texting her…maybe. Just kidding, she’s great.

Oh, how I love these beautiful ladies.

Even more than that, oh how I love a girls night with a massive couch sleep over.

So we watched the movie “Gone Girl”, were all psychologically damaged and then decided to recover by painting pottery.

Here’s what I painted! I needed a new coffee mug and Audrey Hepburn provided me with some inspiration!

Abbie’s first Easter Egg Hunt (even though it was early!) Also, I did not see Greta when I took this picture…

While at the playground, Greta and I reverted back to childhood and are now petitioning CUA to install a swing set on campus:

 Abbie dressed up for St. Patrick’s Day!And playing dress up as cowgirls (her idea…)

Greta, my mom and I went to see Cinderella and even got to meet the princess herself (or kind of…)

Thank you Greta for snapping a picture of this truly beautiful moment…
Timothy and I uncharacteristically took no actual pictures together, and I’m kicking myself in the butt for it.

Greta and I also spent 2 whole days doing homework…Woo, spraaaang breaaaak for evaaaa.

She and Bella really bonded over the week. I think Greta cried when we had to leave. She couldn’t even say goodbye to her…

I also just want to let the world know that this is how my Dad and Bella watch TV on reg…

I truly have a blessed life from having parent’s who love me so much, friends who teach me the value of sisterhood, a boyfriend who still gives me butterflies, and a dog who always makes me feel like the most special person in the world.

God is good.


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