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Relationship Advice: What Holy Saturday Can Teach Us

Hello to all of you who are still with me! After reflecting on what Holy Thursday and Good Friday have to teach us about relationships, we move to Holy Saturday. Holy Saturday is the “in-between” day, yesterday Christ was crucified and tomorrow He will rise again. But today, it is silent. Christ has died. He lies in the tomb. And the disciples are waiting. Most likely, fearfully waiting. They do not know what is going to happen next, and I think this period of waiting has a lot to say to our relationships:

Trust in the waiting: I swear I did not steal this from Lifeteen, I already had this topic drafted. But with that being said, Lifeteen did a wonderful blog for singles about how God’s plan in making you wait for a significant other is purposeful. I highly recommend any single person to check it out!

But I’m here to tell you that there are times of waiting even when you have a significant other...and trust me they can be just as confusing and trying. I have found there to be times of waiting any time my relationship encounters a transition period. For example, when my boyfriend and I transitioned from being best friends to dating, when we transitioned from high school to college, when I transitioned from Mount Saint Mary’s University to Catholic University, any time we took on new jobs or activities, and now as we transition into senior year and look forward to post-grad plans….these have all been times of waiting.

I have waited to see how our lives will be different, I have waited to see how our different environments will shape our relationship, I have waited to see how we will grow individually and together, and I have waited to see what God has in store for us in the next year or chapter we encountered. And it has been hard. confusing. scary. emotional. exciting. you name it, these transition periods felt it.

But just as the disciples had to trust God in their waiting period, we have learned to do so as well. The most important thing I will say about waiting and transition periods is this: be faithful. Even though you do not know what lies ahead, and you have no idea what twists and turns your relationship will take, you have to be faithful. If you are not wholly committed to your relationship, then God cannot reveal His plan for it. If the disciples had completely run away, would they have encountered Christ on Easter morning? We cannot let emotions be what drive us…if this was the case, the disciples most definitely would have run away. But instead of emotions, it was commitment and faithfulness to the Lord that drove them. Despite the silence, fear and waiting they experienced, they remained together and they remained committed to Christ. Because of this, Christ was able to reveal Himself to them.

Be not afraid: Here is the difference between what the disciples experienced and what we experience: we know that tomorrow Christ is going to rise again. Therefore we do not have to fear. So I want to tell you, be not afraid in your relationships. When a Christian couple, who are faithfully committed to their relationship with God first, come together they have the freedom to love as He loves. Recklessly. Vulnerably. Faithfully. Christian couples should not be afraid of committing themselves to one another because they know that Christ is alive and working in their relationship. Our culture is a throwaway culture, we all know that. We all live in fear that our relationships won’t last, and that there is no way that love can last “forever”. But this is not the attitude of the Christian couple.

In an audience Pope Francis said to couples,

To stay together and to know how to love one another forever is the challenge for Christian couples. What comes to mind is the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves: for you too, the Lord can multiply your love and give it to you fresh and good each day. He has an infinite reserve! He gives you the love that stands at the foundation of your relationship and each day he renews and strengthens it….The more you trust in him, the more your love will be “forever”, able to be renewed, and it will conquer every difficulty.

As a couple founded on the faithfulness of Christ and trying to model His relationship with His Church, do not be afraid of making love last. Do not be afraid to love wholeheartedly. Do not be afraid to take the next step. If it is God’s will, He will give you the strength to love and grow together.

P.s. I’ve written more about this address and advice here.

Happy almost Easter Sunday!

Be His,

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