Celebrating Easter 

Happy Easter! Besides my series of blog posts I wrote over Holy Week, I also celebrated that glorious Easter Sunday with my family and boyfriend. There is no joy like that of Easter Sunday! After attending Sunday morning Mass and celebrating our Lord’s Resurrection, we had brunch at one of our favorite taverns downtown.

Huge thanks to my mom for taking the obligatory photos of Timmy and I that I just can’t go without. She’s a gem. We also selfied, because why not?

Speaking of mom, here she is:

With celebrations comes affection, and Bella is always in an affectionate mode…see below. 

Did Christ really rise if we didn’t paint eggs? The world may never know. My mom bought a “paint golden eggs” kit, which proved much more difficult than anticipated due to the fact that you actually had to paint them and not simply dip them in dye…Regardless, Timothy and I did our best. My favorite one that he painted is the diamond ring in the top left corner…hints maybe? You’ll have to ask him. Are you ever too old for an Easter basket? When your parents put a giant bottle of Starbucks ice coffee in the basket I feel like the answer is maybe…but I’m okay with it. Also, please note that my mother forced me to put the ears on and take this picture, I may or may not be ashamed of it. Bella also hardcore wanted my Reeses peanut butter eggs.

Also a special shoutout to my best friend Isabelle who I finally got to see over Easter break. Between a failed attempt at a run, a recourse to Dunkin Donuts and Panera and simply being in her presence again she never fails to make my life full of joy.

Speaking of Dunkin, Timothy and I had one last date before we both headed back to school that consisted of Dunkin Donuts, praying a rosary and spending time with our favorite girl (aka Mary) = my perfection.

I hope your family enjoyed Easter as much as mine did, and I hope that you are still celebrating the Easter season cause it’s not over yet!

Alleluia, He is still Risen!

Be His,

Screen shot 2015-02-21 at 6.32.11 PM


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