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Luaupalooza 2015 

Quoted from LJ Whalen: “Well. 7 months of planning. 10 logistics meetings. 65 volunteers. 59 phone calls today. 39 hours awake. 7 contracts. 3 miles worth of cables. 2,000 t-shirts. 600 gallons of water. 150 fireworks. 9 wooden platforms. 5 student groups. 2 bands. 1 beautiful Student Minister community and 2,500 of my closest friends.”

This summarizes LUAUPALOOZA 2015.

Luau is put on every year by the Student Minister community. It pretty much is a big party to celebrate the last day of classes. Luau is filled with food, treats, games, rides, 2 live music performances, giveaways, fireworks and fellowship.

But this is the thing about luau: it is also ministry. Luau is put on by Campus Ministry and the Student Ministers for a reason, because luau is not just a big party. Rather, we all view luau as a way of ministering to our campus and bringing the presence of Christ to our peers. And this perspective changes everything.

So here is to all of the memories formed from the months of planning and the hours of excitement the day of.I was on Decorations committee with 2 other lovely Student Ministers and here is a look at how we transformed the pryz into one big luau: I mentioned give aways earlier, here ya go:

Our live performances gave Catholic a real good time. The opener was Native Spirit, a local DC band that is now one of my favorites. Check them out here.

And our headliner was Magic Man!

I shared so many smiles, laughs and unspoken prayers with my friends this day and I will truly never forget it.

Let me tell you, these two girls have shaped my life and touched my heart in unspeakable ways this past year. I cannot imagine my junior year without you two, and I refuse to think my senior year will be anything but even better.

I have to give a very special shout out to this girl: Caroline Johnson. She was my partner in crime for Luau, who worked through every single detail of our decorations plan with me over and over and over again. Thank you, seriously thank you, for being the type A, organized, competent and driven person that you are. And thank you also for being the mercy-giving, laughter-filled and life-giving women of God that inspires me every day.

To my community from this past year, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

And to my community next year, I am so excited to do this all over again with you.

Thank you God, for showing me how you are present both in the silliest and the most mundane tasks. This was all for your Glory.

Be His,

Screen shot 2015-02-21 at 6.32.11 PM


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