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A Beauty-Full Life: Explaining My New Blog Name

Why the name change?

So, you may have noticed that I changed the name of my blog. I want to let you all in on the secret of why that is.

Over this past semester I have been consistently and relentlessly struck by beauty.  After a lot of prayer, study and trying to practically make this a part of my life, I want to share with you all how my life is beauty-full and how I’m seeking beauty.

The reason my blog is not titled “A Beautiful Life” is because I am not speaking merely about beautiful things. I am talking about Beauty itself; I am talking about God Himself, who is the essence of beauty. As the philosopher Plotinus writes, “beautiful things bespeak the Beautiful.” All beautiful things, material and intelligible, have their source in God. They are beautiful because they participate in the beauty of God. And it is this beauty that has filled my life and brought me to my knees this past year.

God has revealed Himself to me through beauty in so many ways; nature, art, music, laughter, friendship, love, and more. His beauty has penetrated both the physical and intellectual realms of my life and each time I’ve been stopped in my tracks and forced to simply rest in what is before me.

A quote from philosopher Pseudo-Dionysius sums up what God has taught me through His beauty:

“Why are you here on earth? To behold.” 

In the upcoming weeks and posts, I’m going to try to share with you how God’s beauty has affected my life and the ways in which I am learning how to behold Him in everything that I do. I hope you’ll stick around to hear all about it.

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