Can I Adult Now? – Turning 21

Some friends and I have recently been joking about how the reality of having to “adult” is getting more real, as if being an adult is an actual verb. We’ll guess what? I’m 21 years old now. I have officially hit the last milestone year of becoming an adult. I think that means it is time that I have to “adult” now.

As the card Greta gave me stated, I can now get a pilot’s license, go on a cruise, rent a car and purchase alcohol. Honestly, I think I got more excited about the renting a car possibility than the alcohol (which doesn’t make sense given that I have car). Regardless, I think being 21 is pretty cool. And turning 21 while in DC with some of my friends in the area made it all the more worth it.

This post is dedicated to sharing some of the moments that made my 21st birthday amazing. I hope you enjoy!

Last week I told Greta that when I’m home for my birthday I usually wake up with balloons in my room and it always makes my birthday feel special. Well, she couldn’t do balloons inside the room but she did put this incredibly cute banner on my door the night before my birthday! What a surprise!

Before leaving for the morning, one of Timmy’s gifts to me was this adorable fox. How cute is it? So cute. (I love foxes, btw) 

We then headed to the St. John Paul II National Shrine to tour the exhibit! JPII has had a huge impact on Timmy and I’s relationship, and neither of us had seen the new exhibit, so I asked Timmy if he would pretty please take me. And he did, what a gem.

The Exhibit is seriously amazing, if you live in the DC area and haven’t been…well, do it.

Below is a picture of my man kneeling before JPII’s relic. Does it get any better? If it does, I can’t imagine it. I’m so happy I started my birthday off with a prayer- & grace-filled morning.

After leaving the shrine, we headed down to Old Town Alexandria for lunch. We went to this super cute place down by the water called Virtue Feed & Grain. I ordered my first alcoholic drink! It had vodka, raspberries, blackberries and lemon wedges. It was good, but a little weird cause of the fruit chunks…I embraced it.

We had guacamole humus dip…that’s right, guacamole AND humus. And let me tell you, it was heavenly

Shout out to them giving me free desert for my birthday. I appreciated it.

For the night, four of my closest girl friends took me out to dinner at Brookland Pint. How beautiful are these ladies? so beautiful. And I am so thankful to them for making my birthday special by showering me with their presence and love. Enjoy the pictures! (And shout out again to Greta’s banner!)

Here’s to being 21. Here’s to classy drinks with the girlfriends and brunch dates with the love of my life. Here’s to learning how to responsibly be an adult in this great big world. And most importantly, here is to having all of these wonderful people around me making my life so joy-filled.

Screen shot 2015-06-10 at 11.50.21 PM

P.s. Don’t worry Isabelle, I took that Tequila shot for ya. Missed you love, next time.


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