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Featured on Captive The Heart Blog

GUYS, this is big.

One of my blog posts, Why I’m Banning Myself from Pinterest, is being featured as a guest post on the blog Captive The Heart.

I found this blog a little while ago and fell in love. It is a wedding blog for the Catholic Bride, and as I’ve mentioned before, my dream is to be a Catholic wedding planner. So of course I was overjoyed to find that another blogger shared my same interest. Not to mention that the blog owner, Stephanie, is a wonderfully creative and gifted writer and is personally so so sweet. I may or may not have read every single one of her posts in one sitting.

Anyways, she very kindly has featured my post on her blog and I am so grateful and so thrilled about it! The post also includes some exciting little extras in it that weren’t in my original post!

Read my featured post HERE!

Captive the Heart


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