Something to Behold

So do you possibly remember when I wrote about changing the name of my blog to “A Beauty-Full Life” and wanting to further share with you how the role of beauty has been so prominent in my life? Well, no you probably don’t because that was over a month ago and I have done no such thing. I think part of the reason that I haven’t is because for some reason the blog name still didn’t feel quite right to me.

My life is indeed full of beauty, and beauty in the most significant sense: the beauty that is God Himself. But it is the quote that I shared in that last post that has been tugging at my heart:

“Why are you here on earth? To behold.” – Pseudo-Dionysus

I do have a beauty-full life, but I do not take nearly enough time to actually behold it. I do not take the time to see it, to rest in it, to receive it, to be overtaken by it. I have been moving from one thing to the next, telling myself I’m too busy or too restless to just be still.

But God works in mysterious, and funny, ways. I’ve mentioned before that I have like a serious emotional attachment to the song Georgia by Vance Joy. This has been my song of the summer; I sing it in the shower, dream it at night, and doodle it at work. Well tonight, as I was sitting at the pryz information desk on a 8 hour shift and watching what I think was my 5th episode of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix, I suddenly got up and went outside. I sat on a bench and simply looked out over my campus which is so simplistically beautiful and all of a sudden I started singing Georgia. The first lines of the song are

“She is something to behold, elegant and bold.”

As I sang these words looking out over the fresh cut grass, sun setting and moon in the sky, they struck me. I’ve loved these lyrics all summer, but in some way I wanted to embody them. I wanted to be “something to behold, elegant and bold” (so self-centered, I know I know). I was not taking the time to apply them to the things, places, and people around me. Suddenly tonight I remembered that in order to have a beauty-full life, I have to be able to behold it: I need to recognize every thing around me as “something to behold.”

So I’m changing the name of my blog (insert Brittany Spears “Oops I did it again” here). Everything I blog about is essentially an event, a person, or a memory that I have beheld and that I think is significant enough to share with you. This name then, is a reminder to myself, and maybe you too, to see everything as worthy of being beheld, of being awed at, of being taken in.

I’ll leave you with quote from Plotinus, to help us all remember to truly open our eyes to the beauty around us:

“We must, therefore, invoke a new manner of seeing, a wakefulness that is the birthright to us all, though few put it to good use.”

Screen shot 2015-06-10 at 11.50.21 PM



2 thoughts on “Something to Behold

  1. Thank for your reflection amd.gratitude….It like it says in communion and liberation ” this beauty with a capital B has entered into my life…thanks brooke; Ruairi

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