An Academic Planner I Can Pray With 

I found a new planner that I am about to raaaaave about ladies. Last year I had a Lilly planner and this year I purchased a Kate Spade (also black and white stripes), but then I found this one and I’ve been won over. The reason I decided on a Kate Spade over a Lilly this year is because I was looking for something more simplistic in design. While I love the color and excitement of Lilly, I know that this upcoming year I will need to be more focused than I have been ever before and I thought the simplicity and clean lines of the Kate Spade would help me do that. I’m also just a sucker for black and white stripes as we all probably know.

I was about 24 hours away from slapping a hot pink monogrammed sticker on my Kate Spade when I found the Day Designer planner. You can read all about the Day Designer planner and its brilliance here. The motto of Day Designer is “The strategic planner and daily agenda for a well-designed life.”


The version I have is actually a collaboration of Day Designer and Blue Sky, and I bought it at…wait for it, TARGET. How much was it you ask? $15. That’s right, $15. Way cheaper than Lilly and Kate Spade. The target ones have daily, weekly and monthly versions! While I swooned over the daily planner because I really felt like it is one of a kind, I decided on a weekly one because I knew that I wouldn’t use it quite enough.

So why is this planner different? Why am I going to rave about it? I knew that before the academic year started I needed to sit down with my schedule and focus myself. I knew that I needed tfront_cover_wood2-cropo have a deep and honest hour of self reflection to figure out what the most important things are going to be in my life this year and how I am going to devote my time, energy and heart to them. And I knew that I needed to take this all to prayer. The Day Designer gave me the organization, space and motivation to do just that. The thing I love most is that this planner is intentional, and it demands that its user be intentional about the life being lived. Let me show you what I mean as I review the Day Designer!

I of course bought the black and white stripe copy. I was overjoyed that I didn’t have to give up the style and elegance of my Kate Spade planner. Here is the outside:

I absolutely love the gold spiral binding!

And I adore the gold detailed corners.IMG_5787

The planner begins with yearly reference calendars and then gives the story of how the Day Designer began and the collaboration with Blue Sky!


Next, the planner has 4 sections that help you intentional think about the year ahead, where your heart is and what your goals are. This is where this planner really helped me take this all to prayer. First, the big picture. This section asks you to really open your heart to what you are yearning for out of this year and what you desire most.


Next, practical goals. After reflecting on, and praying about, what your big picture for this upcoming year is, the planner asks you to be realistic with yourself and figure out what the next and immediate steps are. Being the task oriented person that I am, this helped me combine strategic planning with a realistic and accepting heart.

Third, set forth a routine to help you balance your life and goals. I really loved this section. I consistently think of new ways I want to design my days and new things I should do every morning when I first get up or every night right before I go to bed. And the thing I love most about this is that I can revisit this page, re-do it or adapt it as the year goes on.

Lastly, the planner reminds you to check in with yourself periodically. It gives you the needed nudge to review your goals and plans every so often so you can design and redesign your life.

Moving on to the inside of the planner, um its PINK. Its like this planner was made for me. Here is a look at the monthly view. It has a to-do & notes section on the side, similar to a Lilly Pulitzer or Kate Spade!

But this is where the similarities end. Below is the weekly view. You’ll see that at the top of each day is the date and then a section called “Today’s top three”. I love this. It gives you the opportunity, at the beginning of every day, to decide what are the most important things to get done that day. I feel like this will help remind me that I can not do it all, and that is okay. But rather, I can take each day at a time and figure out what God is asking me to focus on today.

Next is today’s schedule, where you can plan out your day by hour. I really gravitated towards this lay out cause I found myself consistently rewriting my daily schedule in my Lilly so that I could see just how my day would pan out. There is also a section labeled “tonight” for all of the after business hours activities! On each weekly page you’ll also find a to-do list, notes, gratitude, and next week section as well as an inspirational quote.


The gratitude section is an element that I am really excited about! I plan on using this planner as an aid to a nightly examine as I review the day I’ve had and prepare for the next. With the gratitude section, I can write down one concrete way I have seen God each day.


In the back of the planner there are multiple full pages of notes and then a list of holidays!

I made two additions to the planner that I felt I couldn’t do without, but trust me they were so easy! First I added an elastic band so that the planner could be held closed. I actually just took this piece of pink elastic from my Lilly one from last year and I super glued to the back cover. I then added a ribbon bookmark that I looped into onto the back top spiral so that I can easily find the current week!


For the finishing touch I added my monogram!

Here is the finished product!


With this planner, I feel ready to take on this upcoming year with peace in my heart. I know that it will provide me with the space, motivation and simplicity I need to stay focused and organized amidst my busiest year yet. But more than that, I truly think this planner will help me be intentional about filling my day with activities and projects that make my life full of joy and beauty.

I really recommend the Day Designer, and if you want to get the target version then you better run over to a target before they are all gone!

Screen shot 2015-06-10 at 11.50.21 PM

P.S. Check back soon for an overview of my newly designed dorm room for senior year!


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  1. Doobie, I have never seen someone become so excited over a planner. I’m happy that you found the perfect one.



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