15 Highlights of 2015

2015 was a year of blessings, challenges, learning how to try new things and let go of ones I thought were so important, and falling in love. Here is a round-up of 15 highlights of the year 2015 – Enjoy!

#1 Learning to be a runner — I’m considering writing a post about this, so stay tuned!


#2 Taking a Philosophy of Art course and falling even more in love with art and beauty.

P.s. The worst decisions of 2015 were chopping my hair off, TWICE.

#3 Easter, and challenging myself to write these four posts: Relationship Advice from Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday & Easter Sunday.

#4 Working at the Archdiocese of Washington over the summer and pursuing my passion for marriage and family ministry.

#5 Exploring the city of DC over the summer.


#6 Turning 21– Recaps here and hereIMG_4935

#7 Greta & I celebrating our birthdays by going to see Taylor Swift!


#8 Getting and Quitting this job. 

#9 Becoming a Cardinal Ambassador, mostly because I’m still trying new things even as a senior.

#10 Pope Francis visiting CUA (never blogged about this, sorry!)


#11 This epic rain party, and getting to know these other amazing people through Student Ministry.


#12 Timothy and I celebrating our 5 year anniversary in Disney World!


#13 Homecoming.

#14 Zeke being born, and getting to spend thanksgiving with these two loves of my life:

#15 Re-Consecrating myself to Mary — Read more about Marian Consecration here!

Here’s to 2016 – finishing senior year, graduating, learning how to be an adult, and most importantly, learning how to not freak out about those things through faith, prayer and trust.

Screen shot 2015-06-10 at 11.50.21 PM


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