Future Mrs. Foley

My Co-Maids of Honor

Though Timmy and I haven’t set a date for the wedding yet, we both felt like it was the right time to ask our Maid of Honor & Best Man to stand beside us on our special day!

Well I struggled a bit with this decision because I have two women in my life who are undoubtedly worthy of being my MOH (Maid of Honor). I prayed about the decision a lot and read countless wedding blogs about the appropriate etiquette for asking your MOH. In the end I decided that I was blessed enough to have these two women in my life who I want to stand beside me on this day, and that I shouldn’t force myself into choosing just one of them when it didn’t feel natural to me.

So, I’m very happy to say that I will have two Maids of Honor (I’m calling them Co-Maids of Honor- is that a thing? I don’t know but it is now).  Isabelle and Greta have both said yes to my question and I am overjoyed!

Isabelle and I have been best friends for longer than Timmy and I have been dating (this blew my mind when I realized this last month). We became best friends Sophomore year of high school, and Timmy and I (though already best friends) started dating Junior year- so she has been with me every step of the way and probably knows our relationship better than anyone! We started planning my hypothetical wedding when we were about 16 years old and I’m so thrilled that 5 years later she gets to help me plan the real one!

Greta has been one of my best friends through every minute of my time at CUA and has been there to comfort me, pray with me, and rejoice with me through all of the joys and challenges Timmy and I’s relationship has faced these past 3 years! She’s been joking about all the funny and ridiculous things she is going to do at my wedding since day 1 of us being friends, and I’m 100% positive that she’ll surprise me with at least a few of them on the actual day.

It was very important to me when choosing my MOH that they would understand what it is that I want my wedding day to represent, the message I want it to bespeak, and the love I want it to radiate. I needed to know that there would be someone there to welcome my guests with the same spirit of hospitality that I wish to have on my wedding day, someone who could make everyone at the wedding feel welcome, and someone who knew how to throw a great party. I also needed to know that my MOH would be there to lead my bridal party in prayer before the liturgy, one who’s toast could speak of the sacrament of marriage as I believe it to be, and who could support me on the marriage preparation journey.

I’m confident that these two women complement each other perfectly and that between the two of them I won’t have a thing to worry about on my wedding day!

Let me show you the gift I made to ask both of them:

I got them both a wooden box, bought from Michael’s, and painted it pink (cause, duh), and I found this adorable “Best Day Ever” magnet that I glued on the top! (Side note: This phrase, “Best Day Ever” keeps popping up in my wedding planning- who knows, maybe it’ll make itself into the wedding decor!)

On the inside I used a wooden plaque (it originally had twine to hang it from something), and wrote my million dollar question on it, and then glued it to the top of the box so that they would see it right when they opened it!

I wrote them both a thank you card explaining why I love them so dearly and why I wanted them to be my MOH!

Inside the box was pink champagne because obviously this calls for a celebration! I also included a pink Essie nail polish, pink Eos chap stick and a pink bubble bath ball so that they could feel pretty and pampered as my MOH!

Look how cute they both are with their boxes!

I’m so excited for this journey of marriage preparation and wedding planning, especially now that I have these two beautiful ladies by my side!

I love you both so much!

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