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Picking Wedding Flowers 

I had my first vendor meeting today! While I was home for the week, my mom and I decided to schedule a flower consult at a local wholesale florist. I learned two important things:

1. The flowers Timmy and I want most likely aren’t in peak season late June.

2. Flowers, especially the ones we want, are very very expensive.

But, take heart my friends, Timmy and I have some ideas. The florist told me about another wholesale florist, this one up in the DC area- which is good because that means no travel time for the flowers since the ones we want are rather delicate. This florist, theoretically, should have our flowers in stock even in late June and their prices are very reasonable!

Looking at our budget, and the flowers we want, Timmy and I are totally open to the idea of buying them in bulk and assembling everything ourselves. I hope my bridesmaids are up to this too! Say hello to a mimosa and bouquet making brunch ladies! (It’ll be fun I promise).

So here are the flowers we’re looking at:

  • Peonies (primary)
  • Cabbage roses
  • O’Hara roses
  • Steve Austin roses
  • Hydrangeas

Below are some pictures I’m using as a guide:

Anyone have any tips or fun stories about their wedding flowers?  I’d love to hear them!


3 thoughts on “Picking Wedding Flowers 

  1. Beautiful, delicate flowers! My biggest tip is to buy LOTS of extras, especially for a June wedding with hydrangea. If your reception is outdoors have the florist or whoever is setting up wait until the last possible minute of set up to put them outside. Also, we had a bridesmaid and groomsman with a hydrangea bouquet and bout and the florist made us extras of each. Sure enough, by the time the Mass and pix were done his bout was wilty and squished and her bouquet had seen better days. A wedding I coordinated had all DIY flowers by a friend and they did flowers the day before and rented a local motel room, turned the AC way down to 60 and stored all the bouquets and centerpieces there and brought to the church hall the day of. Oh! And I found a neat DIY wedding bouquet tutorial on Skillshare and I know there’s some great ones on YouTube too 🙂

  2. Just found your blog through instagram. I just got married 2 weeks ago (although it feels like yesterday). We had garden roses, too, which I LOVED. Depending on the vibe/setting, I’d recommend adding a good deal of greenery to the bouquets- it can (1) really offset the colors of your flowers and (2) bulk up your flowers for cheap. I wanted a garden-y look for our bouquets, and using dusty miller and eucalyptus loosened things up a little. 🙂 If you’re ordering bulk flowers, it can be easy to focus on the flowers and forget the greens.

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