Road Trip to Charleston, SC

Charleston might just be my favorite place I’ve ever been to before. When Timmy and I took a weekend trip down there last summer, I absolutely fell in love. So when one of my closest friends, and fellow Resident Minister, Jonathan, moved down there for his job, I knew a trip back to Charleston was in order. It didn’t take long to convince three friends, Lindsey, Brian and Spencer, to make the road trip with me.

We left on a Thursday early afternoon, and yet still hit DC traffic. On our way down we listened to the entirety of Hamilton, read aloud from the first Harry Potter, and did a call ahead pick up at Cracker Barrel. We arrived around 12:30 pm and were greeted by a very excited Jonathan, who mind you, had work the next morning, but was too anxious to sleep.

Friday morning, we headed downtown for a little exploration. As we drove into the downtown area, near Battery Park, my eyes immediately filled with tears…legitimate tears of joy, because this place is my happy place. I adore Charleston, and I could not wait to be back walking its cobblestone streets.

This house had a renovation sign on the window, so my adventurous friends decided to check out the house and grounds.

This is the Palmer Home, where Timmy and I stayed last time and my future dream home, obviously. 

We spent probably about an hour in a shop called The Savannah Bee, where we could taste dozens of different honeys. They also had their own Mead, so we did a tasting of that, and Spencer convinced the bar tender to give us a few extra samples, cause ya know, Spencer.

 After exploring downtown, visiting a few shops, and getting icees, we visited the Cathedral!

For the afternoon we went to the beach, where the boys played a lot of Pokemon Go (well, they did this all weekend), and then we went to dinner on the Inter coastal Waterway!

Crazy side note, we ran into a girl who went to CUA while out at dinner! Turns out she graduated in 2013 and knows a bunch of the same people we know – small world!

Saturday we went to Magnolia Gardens and Plantation! 

The plantation also has a petting zoo! I thought it was cool when I got this close to a deer and pet it…

But then this happened…

And then Spencer had horses lining up to greet him – hey, I at least pet one.

After the gardens we took a 2 hour group nap, bless, before grilling out by the salt water (perfect) pool in Jonathan’s neighborhood. Then we went downtown and hit up some bars on King Street and down by the water! Spencer may or may not have snuck us into the VIP section of Charleston’s top dance club. Apparently us and some guy named Adam Branch are bffs.

Other fun things:

The movie theater in the famous movie The Notebook is in downtown Charleston – so this is Spencer’s attempt at being Ryan Gosling. 

I adore the Charleston Pineapple, this time I got to see it at night, what a beauty.

We went to a brewery called Holy City, where they were celebrating their 5 year anniversary, and so Brian and Spencer both rode a mechanical shark.

Please enjoy these videos of the crew dancing on the car ride home:

I had such an incredible time visiting Jonathan and spending time with my friends for the weekend! Jonathan, I think I can say you’re already at home in the south judged solely on the hospitality you showed us. Thanks so much for having us! DC misses you friend.

Screen shot 2015-06-10 at 11.50.21 PM


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