Apartment Tour

My friend, Victoria, and I moved into our new apartment late June and I’m finally getting around to sharing it here! We absolutely love our little space, and have put in so much work to really make it feel like its ours.

Paying the bills for this place is ripping our hearts out, but living here sure does make them full. We hope you like it too!




Victoria redid these chairs and they came out so great!

Living Room:




If you’ve been with me on the blog for a while then you know my love language is flowers, so anytime Timmy gets some for me I walk around the apartment going “how pretty are these?” for days. Just so you get to enjoy the prettiness too:

Victoria and I are proud of the way our place has come together! It really feels like home now. And I’ve got to say, learning how to live with someone/ have a roommate again has really been some great marriage prep for me. I’ve realized how considerate I have to be of someone else’s likes and dislikes, their schedule, shared spaces, etc. And I’m really glad I’m learning this now, before living with Timmy, so that I can be ready, prepared, and hopefully a better version of myself by time we get married next year!

Screen shot 2015-06-10 at 11.50.21 PM


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