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We Have a Wedding Date!

It is with so much joy, and relief, to finally be able to say that we have an official wedding date! 328 days from now Timmy and I will be Mr. and Mrs. Foley!

Setting a date was a lot harder than we expected it to be, and we went back and forth between date and location options many times. We knew when we got engaged that we wanted to having our wedding Mass in St. Vincent’s Chapel on CUA’s campus. But it was the location of the reception that threw us through a loop. Pretty much, getting married in DC is a LOT more expensive than we anticipated and we couldn’t find a reception venue that we really liked that was in our budget. Neither one of us wanted anything extravagant – in fact, I have said many times over the past few months that all I want is a big back yard and a lawn party vibe.

We found one venue in DC that was relatively in our price range, but there were two big problems: 1) They wouldn’t allow set up to begin until 2 hours before cocktail hour (so when the Mass would be starting)- meaning that Timmy or I would have no role in set up. Now, I’m not a total DIY girl, but I do have some special touches that I want to be able to do individually and 2) None of their preferred caterers could give us the southern food we want in our price range.

We then strongly considered doing a destination wedding down in Charleston, SC. Charleston is one of our favorite places in the country, and when I was down there this past month I found a venue that I fell head-over-heels in love with. After many talks with their event coordinator, I found out that it would be about the same price to have our dream reception down there as it would be to have the bare minimum up here! Crazy, I know! But, something didn’t feel right to us. We would be getting married in a random Church that we have no connection to and isn’t significant to either of us. At the end of the day, we felt like we were favoring the a dream reception over fullness of liturgy and decided that we couldn’t sacrifice having our Mass up here in DC.

Now, I had reached out to CUA to inquire about having our reception there many times and had not heard back. Two weeks ago I decided to send one last email before officially ruling it out as an option. That day I went to Mary’s Garden (the place Timmy and I got engaged and I’ve prayed to Mary plenty of times), and begged Mary, Undoer of Knots (who has seriously been my girl this past year) to somehow work something out so that Timmy and I could have a wedding Mass that wholly focused on the sacrament and a reception that we could afford and that allowed for our vision. Later that day not only did someone from CUA email me back but, through what I believe is totally Mary’s intercession, gave us a deal that makes our dream liturgy and reception possible.
Side note: My friend Casey says she also prayed for Timmy and I on this very same day while at World Youth Day! God is good, friends!

So with that, I am so happy to say that Timmy and I will be celebrating the sacrament of marriage on June 30, 2017 in Saint Vincent’s Chapel at The Catholic University of America! We will then be heading across campus to Heritage Hall for a reception that is equal parts ballroom elegance and southern lawn party!

This is Saint Vincent’s Chapel, where we will celebrate the sacrament! It is here that the most important part of our day will take place and we cannot wait to share this special chapel with our family and friends!


We couldn’t’ take all of these photos without snapping a few with our favorite Lady!


Lastly, this is Father O’Connell Hall, inside of which is Heritage Hall, where we will have our reception!

We look forward to acting like fools on the dance floor, and we pray that our family and friends 1. won’t judge us too hard, and 2. will join us!


We are so grateful to Greta for taking the time to shoot these photos for us (especially considering the 100 degree heat that day!). Thanks for being an official Maid of Honor and unofficial photographer for us!

Screen shot 2016-03-31 at 12.51.50 AM

P.S. If you liked these photos and want Timmy and I to have amazing wedding photos too then please head over to this instagram post, follow @Birdsofafeather, LIKE and COMMENT ON this picture with mine and Timmy’s names on it! If we get the most follows, likes and comments then we win a wedding package of our dreams! We will be forever grateful!



2 thoughts on “We Have a Wedding Date!

  1. YAY congratulations on choosing everything and being at peace with the way things are working out. PS Chica, I cannot believe that you laid down in the grass in that white dress!!

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