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Wedding Inspiration- Southern Hospitality

Timmy and I have gone back and forth with what we want the “feel” of our wedding to be, or what our “vision” is for the decor. We thought we’d want a more formal, black tie, ballroom style, reception. But as we actually started planning, we realized we’d rather have a lawn party than a ballroom reception.

There’s multiple factors that made fall in love with a lawn party style. First, and this came as a huge shock to me, turns out Timmy and I are home-grown Virginians and our home-state holds meaning for us that rings true even though our wedding will be in DC. The food we’ve selected for our wedding has actually been one of our biggest inspirations for the entire rest of the reception, which means you know there will be Virginia Ham served. And as normal as it is to have a four course fancy plated dinner, something just kept calling us to a BBQ buffet. It wouldn’t be a lawn party without some corn hole either would it be?

Second, we’ve been thinking a lot about what is most important to us on our big day, what the most important emotion or vibe is to us, what we want our guests to experience most on that day, etc. Besides the obvious fact that we want our wedding day to celebrate the sacrament of marriage, speak to God’s will and grace in our lives, and be a form of thanksgiving to Him, the next most important thing to us is community. In entering the sacrament, we form a new Christian community, and we want to invite all of guests into this new community God has formed through us. To us, our big day isn’t really about us (despite what every bridal magazine says), rather, its about all of our guests- its about how we are living out our new vocation and caring for those around us. So said simply, we care a lot about hospitality.

Put these two things together, and we quickly realized that the vision that most perfectly captures what we want for our wedding is southern hospitality. 

Here are a few photos that showcase the inspiration for our wedding, enjoy!




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