Red Lipstick on a Friday

I’m not one to typically do a style blog post, but going out of my way this morning to do a little something different and extra has made me feel so wonderful in my own skin that I just had to commemorate this moment! I’m a firm believer in a swipe of red lipstick to celebrate Friday and that changing up your style a bit can make you feel like a totally new person. I’ve always loved fashion and adore finding clothes that make me feel comfortable, beautiful and uniquely me. Recently, however, I’ve felt like I’ve been in a bit of a style rut and have been rather lazy when I go to my closet in the mornings.

I recently saw an Instagram, though, that mentioned a gal’s favorite pair of jeans and I remembered this old pair that has been in the bottom drawer of my dresser for far too long. I decided to pull them out, and I’ve got to tell you, dawning them again made me feel like a million bucks. Now, typically I follow a business dress code Monday thru Friday, so I knew that if I wanted to wear these to work I’d have to compensate and dress myself up a little bit more in other ways. These jeans made me so happy though that I’ve worn them three times this week (oops!).

Monday I paired them with leopard print flats and matching headband and a solid beige high-neck form-fitted sweater.

Leopard Print

Then Wednesday I wore them with a black and white striped long sleeve shirt, my J. Crew Herringbone vest, black Frye Boots and a statement necklace.

Black and White

Finally, today, I wore them with, what I call, my chic flannel shirt (it looks like flannel but feels like blouse) and my J Crew navy blue pointed-toe bow flats. In celebration of Friday I decided to add a bright red lip, which always makes me feel like I’m killin’ it even when I’m totally unproductive! I also decided to take a chance, mix things up, and go for a middle part in my hair – I’m still not sure whether or not I like it but the shear fact of trying something new has felt so rejuvenating!

So, friends, go ahead and add that extra bold lipstick or shimmy into your favorite pair of old jeans and feel free to tell yourself that you look fabulous!

Screen shot 2015-06-10 at 11.50.21 PM


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