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Bridesmaid’s Dress Shopping

Today was a day that every bride dreams of! I’m so thankful for these beautiful ladies that I’m blessed to call my bridal party, and even more thankful that they made bridesmaids dress shopping so much fun!

I had two dresses in mind for my bridal party, the Versa from David’s Bridal and the Annabelle from BHLDN. We started our day at David’s before taking a coffee break and heading to BHLDN. As soon as my girls saw the Annabelle they immediately swooned over it the same way I did and we knew that this was the dress!

Unfortunately Isabelle, one of my Maids of Honor, couldn’t come up to DC for our shopping outing but she arranged it so that we were served champagne in BHLDN as soon as we decided on the dress! It was the perfect way to celebrate and I am overwhelmed by how thoughtful and loving she is. Huge thanks to Greta too for making her idea come to life! Isabelle also got me this shirt a while back and I had no idea how applicable it would be when I put it on today. Monica and Val couldn’t be here either but they sent their love!

I love the Annabelle so much because it can be styled so many different ways! We tried out just a few of them in the photos above but there are literally so many options and I can’t wait to see which styles everyone ends up choosing for the big day.

As we walked the streets of Georgetown I couldn’t resist the urge to step into a side alley and snap a few photos! Thanks for putting up with my photo-lovin’ heart bells.

I love little gifts for my sweet gals – these tote bags look just like mine in the above photos! I had special one’s made for Isabelle and Greta (see Greta’s photo above) with their names, Maid of Honor, and the wedding date on them.

I can’t wait for the rest of our adventures!



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